About Azerexpresspost

Azerexpresspost the founder of which “Azerpost” Production Association (at present ”Azerpost” State Enterprise) was established by order No 108 dated July 14, 1997 of the Ministry of Communications of the Azerbaijan republic, passed through the state registration (identification cord No 3066394) at the Ministry of Justice of the Azerbaijan Republic on September 19, 1997 and started its functioning on January 9, 1998. At present it renders express mail services (EMS) under license No 001499 (registration No 056, September 3, 2004) of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Azerbaijan Republic.
Being the fastest among other kinds of physical mail services EMS means collection, carriage and delivery of letters, documents and merchandise at the shortest time. This service system is known as one of the global delivery systems of express items all over the world. At present EMS service is realized in accordance with Article No 14.1.2 of the Universal Postal Convention (Bucharest, 2004) and the international EMS network covers more than 190 countries. To coordinate and constantly develop this network the EMS Cooperative was established in 1998 within the framework of the Universal Postal Union (headquarters are located in Bern, Switzerland). Azerexpresspost – Azerbaijan operator of the international EMS network has been the member of the EMS Cooperative since 1998.
After having started its functioning our enterprise has managed to establish strong, stable and effective domestic EMS network which covers more than 1500 post offices throughout all other areas of Azerbaijan excluding the region occupied by Armenia (Mountanous Garabagh and its suburbs).
Possessing the unique international and domestic EMS network Azerexpresspost offers their customers fast, reliable, safe delivery of items with high quality even to any farthest point of our country and the world on “from door to door” basis. Besides international and domestic EMS services our enterprise renders urgent and courier services within a day in Baku and in its suburbs as well as mass mail delivery service through the domestic EMS network.
Our enterprise has joined the IPS (International Postal System) under the license of the Postal Technological Centre of the Universal Postal Union since February, 2002. IPS has provided the automation of postal operations and item tracking and considerably improved the quality of the services rendered by our enterprise.
The prestigious international certificates once more confirm that we have simple, comfortable, fast, reliable and large service network and all these high quality elements have been concentrated in the services rendered by our enterprise. You can find details on achievements, certificates of Azerexpresspost at the certain pages of our site.
Possessing the highly developed international and domestic EMS network Azerexpresspost provides control for safety and inviolability of postal items through all the route. Perfect carriage schedule of items from one office to another, acceleration of mail processing and going through customs control, computerization of the process, maximum simplification of documents and automatic printing, the ability of selecting the right vehicles and their types, optimization of the routes enable us to realize fast and exact delivery of items and it is the main feature which differs EMS from other kinds of postal services.
Use the services of Azerexpresspost if you want your items to be delivered safely and within the shortest time.
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Javanshir Hatamov
Deputy chief
Agakazim Mammadov
Deputy chief
Ramil Khalilov
Chief of the Department of Finance and Economy
Aliosman Hamidov
Chief of the Production Department
Shamsaddin Gadirov
Chief of the Marketing and Sales Department
Sakit Jafarov
Chief of the Department of Mail Reception and Delivery
Shakir Jalalov